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Hitman Tree LLC. Eastside Problem Tree Specialist is family owned business out of Kirkland, Washington operating since 2004. Licensed and insured. 25% discount off market bids. We do more for less with a smile. We'll give you an offer you can't refuse. License #: HITMATL884MZ

  • Bidding Process

    What we think about when we bid a job, and what you should think about when submitting a request. Bidding

  • Our Services

    We offer everything from complete tree remove to light prunning. Have a look before you jump over to our request page. Services

  • Tools of the Trade

    Learn what makes us one of the best tree services in the eastside market. Techniques

Bidding Process - Good for the both of us

Get 3 bids and call me last. I want you to know the market before I tell what we'd charge! Because my overhead is low I typically bid 25% below market. You won't know that unless you can compare it to something else. I use a small efficient crew. We own all our equipment. We take great care not to damage property or landscaping. We haul chips and buck up the wood for no extra charge. I can make your wood disappear for free or haul it same day for a fee. Stump grinding is also typically on the low side of market. Simply put we do more for less with a smile and we have references to prove it.

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Contact Us

Snail mail:

  • Mike Green dba Hitman Tree LLC.
    13218 94th Ave. NE.
    Kirkland, WA 98034

Phone: 425.298.6470 cell



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FREE Wood and/or Chips

  • That's right FREE wood and/or chips!

    Just look for our ads on Craigslist. All our goodies are given away on a first come first serve basis. Chips are delivered via a 28 yard dump truck based on convience and location, just prepare a spot for us and let us know how much you want. We don't always fill the trucks before dumping. If you want wood you will have to haul it. Wood is cut into 16” rounds and has to be picked up from the job site. You will be told the type of wood & approximate quantity.

Send Pictures for the Gallery

  • Did you take pictures or videos during the job?

    We would love to see them! Send us an email at with the attached media, your name (optional), with the subject labeled "hitman media" or post them to our facebook page.

Call Before You Dig

Want those Stumps Gone?

  • Stump Services Avaliable Upon request.

    We know a guy who handles this kinda stuff, just give us a call and we will hook you up.