We are a family owned company based out of Kirkland, Washington, operating since 2004. Specializing in the removal and maintenance of problem trees, we are licensed, bonded, and insured.

Hitman Tree LLC utilizes numerous special zipline techniques to control limbs, reducing the chances of property damage and facilitating a more efficient work flow. Cleanup is complimentary. We try to leave the work site in similar, if not better condition than when we first arrived.

Due to low overhead and the speed at which we work, our prices are typically 25% or more below market. Put simply, we do more for less with a smile, we'll give you an offer you can't refuse. More about us.

License Number:  HITMATL884MZ

Free Wood And Chips

If you would like free wood or chips click here to check our ads on Craigslist. We typically post ads for wood only and deliver chips to people located in the area we are working who have expressed interest due to fuel costs.

Wood is cut into 16" rounds and is given away on a first come first serve basis. You will be given the location, the type of wood, and approximate quantity by our ads or over the phone and will have to haul it without our help. The goal of this program is to remove all wood from the given properties so please be courteous and refrain from 'cherry-picking' wood.

Chips are delivered in bulk via our 28 yard dump truck based on conveniece and location, just prepare a spot and tell us how much you would like.

If you want large quantities of wood or chips we produce in the future, send us an email with the subject "Wood/Chips" at [email protected] or use our in-site contact form with the category to Wood/Chips and let us know. We will try to contact you in the future when more product is available.

Buried Utility Lines

Open source stock photo of digging a hole with a shovel.

This service is completely free and will make sure that you know exactly where the utility lines are around your property. Call 811 at least two business days prior to having work done or visit Washington811 to find out more about this simple and convenient service.

Stump Grinding

Vermeer stump grinder that was used to grind stumps and roots from a problem tree that was removed by Hitman Tree LLC.

Looking to grind a stump? While we don't offer this service ourselves, we highly recommend using either J & J Stump Grinding or Jay's Stump Grinding. We've done business with both of them in the past and our customers are always pleased with their work.