Main Services

We are not risk certified arborists though we do consult with them often. We can generally tell you the condition of your trees as we've been in the business for quite some time. If you are looking for certified professional advice reguarding the risk assessment or health of your trees, we recommend contacting ABC Consulting Arborists.

Tree Removal

Mike Green, owner of Hitman Tree LLC, shown in the final stages of removing a problem tree that was surrounded by power and telephone lines.

Some trees are harzardous to surrounding property or nearby inhabitants and must be removed due to saftey concerns. Other trees are an eyesore and create too much of a mess. Whatever the case, we specialize in the removal of these problem trees utilizing many roping techniques to facilitate the controlled descent of their limbs as we strip the tree on the way up.

After stripping and topping, the trunk of the tree is chunked into 16" rounds which are formed into a barrier where necessary to prevent heavier rounds from bouncing and causing injury or property damage. Larger lengths can be cut upon request provided there is space and conditions allow it. We also can use cranes in certain situations but rarely do because it usually adds unnecessary expense to the job.

Windsail Reduction

Open source stock photo taken from the base of a tree looking up meant to show an abundance of branches on a tree trunk in order to symbolize the concept of windsailing.

A process that is meant to reduce a tree's wind resistance by removing foliage, thereby reducing the chances of it blowing over in strong winds. A typical windsail reduction entails the removal of up to one third of the canopy from the tree by taking off every third branch, on average, from bottom to top. This includes dead or broken branches and duplicates.

There is some debate in the arboricultural community as to whether or not this "crown-thinning" has merit on mature conifers. For instance, it places quite a bit of stress on the tree when a large amount of food-bearing limbs are lost, and mature trees generally don't respond to stress. On the other hand, if the tree is imbalanced, top-heavy, or has weak roots, a windsail reduction is often necessary.


Open source stock photo of a tree limb.

Limbing refers to raising the canopy of a tree, removing limbs from the lower portion for the purpose of allowing in more light and making the space more open. It also refers to targeted removal of dead or problem limbs which is often necessary when large, overhanging branches become harzardous to buildings, structures, power lines, or people.

Unfortunately, the usual climbing method which involves sticking a spiked boot attachment, called a gaff, into either side of the tree to support the weight of the climber inflicts many wounds on the tree. In this type of service it is preferred to use a gaffless climbing method, a ladder, or a pruning pole where possible to reach these limbs without harming the trunk.


Open source stock photo of some tree sheers used to embody the concept of pruning.

Pruning concerns improving the health of or the shaping of smaller trees and bushes by targeted removal of unwanted growths and dead or damaged branches. Different types of plants require different styles of pruning as some have a much higher vitality than others which is taken into account when the job is contracted.

Starting in fall and ending in the dead of winter, plantlife goes dormant and conserves it's energy until spring. Pruning them at this time stimulates new growth which uses up energy that is desperately needed for it's survival until spring. In light of this, pruning should be avoided at all costs during the fall and early winter. It should instead be done during spring ideally when growth naturally occurs and food is plentiful.

Cabling (Bracing)

Open source stock photo of the crotch of a tree with multiple trunks that is a possible point of failure on a large tree.

Cabling or bracing refer to the use of steel cables or rods to provide support to weak sections of a tree that are at reasonable risk of failure. This is usually done when the tree forms a weak connection at the crotch of two or more tops or to support the extraordinary weight of a branch with a weak connection. Weak connections occur when bark froms inside the wood or when the connection is too small to support the weight of the wood.

When cabling, anchors are always screwed in inline with the path of the cable and only one line is attached between the two points to ensure maximum support. In order to brace a weak or split section of a tree, steel or wooden threaded rods are inserted horizontally through that portion providing stability. After either of these services are done on a tree, the supports should be looked at at least once a year to ensure they are still reliable.


Mike Green, owner of Hitman Tree LLC, carefully cuts the top out of a tree.

While rare, it is occasionally necessary to remove the top portion of a tree, unfortunately this often contributes to it's premature death. Reasons people want this done include attempting to stimulate new growth, removing rotten wood, or simply for aesthetics. Similar to the mythical "hydra," when you cut off the head, two or more will grow back. Trees have a genetically predetermined height that they wish to attain so this practice will not reduce the tree's height in the long run contrary to popular belief.

We do not recommend this procedure because of the health complications it produces. One of the obvious problems this creates is the chance of starvation from dramatically reducing the tree's ability to photosynthesize food. Another problem is that the tree is rarely able to form a complete callus over the wound which means pathogens are free to enter the tree through this location. This usually leads to extensive rot or even the death of the tree if it is unable to compartmenatlize the fungi.

Other Services

Below are services that augment the main services we provide. Chipping and cleanup are done free of charge unless they are specified as unneccessary in which case one might reduce the price of their job marginally. Stump grinding, having us the haul wood, and priority or emergency scheduling all increase the price of the job however.

Chipping And Cleanup

A large Bandit chipper owned by Hitman Tree LLC used for chipping and cleanup.

Branches and foliage that are produced by any of our main services are chipped into one of our dump trucks by default. They may also be chipped into a specific area on-site or not chipped at all, which can save us time and you money if unnecessary, as per the property owner's request. Limbs are zipped straight to the chipper when possible and fed through it for the duration of the job. Any smaller debris is then raked or blown with a leaf-blower into a pile and the majority of this is also fed through the chipper.

If any of the debris contains rocks, which can dull or chip the blades in our chippers, it is either shoveled directly into the dump truck or blown into a nearby greenbelt or plant bed out of sight. When all the rounds are moved to their final resting place, any remaining dust, sawdust, or debris is blown neatly off the property and out of sight.

Stump Grinding

One of the Hitman Tree crew removes as much of a stump as possible with a large STHL chainsaw to prepare it for a third-party stump grinder to grind.

Stump grinding refers to the grinding of the majority of the leftover stump from tree removal along with most of its roots. A few reasons you may want to consider this are that certain tree types actually begin to sprout shoots from the stump, they tend to attract pests like termites, and they become a stubborn obstacle and a saftey hazard depending on their location.

We do not own the equipment or have the expertise necessary to grind these leftover stumps. We do, however, cut the stumps as low to the ground as possible which preps them for complete removal by another specialized service. Two of our favorite stump grinding services that we recommend to our customers are J&J Stump Grinding and Jay's Stump Grinding. Both have a good track record and excellent customer service.